Run Your SAP Business One on SAP HANA DB on Microsoft’s Azure

Secure, Scalable & SAP Certified Infrastructure

Inecom is now leveraging the power of Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud infrastructure platform, i.e. Azure and SAP CCC (Cloud Computing Center) for SAP Business One on SAP HANA, to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in their critical hosting of business applications on a secure cloud platform.

Combining the strength of SAP Certified Infrastructure for SAP Business One on SAP HANA on Microsoft’s Azure and SAP Cloud Computing Center, ensuring the best functional performance of the software.

Check out the reasons to choose best-in-cloud infrastructure solution below-

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)-

Increase productivity, and reduce IT costs with the seamless integration of SAP systems on Microsoft Azure as an IaaS offering

Reasons to choose Azure IaaS:

Greater Agility

Greater Agility
Quickly provision and roll out infrastructure for SAP workloads within minutes with Azure.

Low TCO and Optimized Performance

Low TCO and Optimized Performance
User to only pay for the compute, storage, and network resources that the application will use.

Instant Scalability

Instant Scalability
Easy, quick and instant adaptability to see the improved workloads and the changing business needs.

Multi-tenancy environment
Easy access to infrastructure by multiple customers or tenants.

Guaranteed SLA
Not only uptime SLA but also performance SLAs.

High Security
High level of security of the entire environment, including the option to store data on encrypted storage.

Successful Migration
Easy migrating of an application and database to an IaaS is compliance with governance and security standards.

24-7 Availability

24×7 Availability
Azure cloud Infrastructure guarantees secure round the clock, anytime, anywhere with reduced downtimes.

Improved Backup

Improved Backup
Three levels of backup are maintained; instance backup of all VMs every 5 minutes, HANA database back-up every day for 30 days, Schema backup each tenant every day for 7 days.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
The Inecom Cloud has provisioned two identical sets of infrastructures at two geographically separate locations; one is a Primary site, and the second site is Secondary site. The Secondary site takes over in the unlikely event of a breakdown of the Primary site. The RTO (Return Time Objective) is 15 minutes and the RPO (Return Point Objective) is 5 minutes.

If you have a cloud strategy (you should!) and if you want to run your SAP Business One application and SAP HANA DB on the cloud, certainly consider Azure and SAP CCC (Cloud Infrastructure Providers Certified By SAP) combining strength for mission-critical infrastructure.