SAP HANA is a real-time, in-memory platform that enables companies to process ‘big data’ in their ERP application, at the same time support operational reporting, advanced analytics and predictive modelling.

SAP HANA is a breakthrough technology in data management. As opposed to the tradition relational database technology, the origin of which dates back to 1960s, which stores data in rows and columns and maintains indexes to find and retrieve data from hard disk, SAP HANA is a database that stores data in columnar format after compressing it. Typically, the SAP HANA database size tends to be one-third of the traditional database size for the same data.

The compression of data together with in-memory storage, as opposed to continual swapping from hard disk to RAM and back, results in SAP HANA being 300 to 1000 times faster in processing than relational databases.

This speed makes it possible for SAP Business One on HANA to extend its capabilities form being an OLTP (On Line Transaction Processing) solution to also being an OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) solution, so with SAP Business One, version for HANA, the ERP application is combined with business intelligence functions.

In addition to ERP operational functions, the SAP HANA solution also provides:

Enterprise Search

This is a search engine within the ERP application. Users can search data, filter information, drill down while still adhering to the authorization and security policies.

Pre-delivered analytics content

The solution is packaged with pre-delivered 21 dashboards and 42 KPIs that covers sales, purchasing, logistics, production, finance and CRM. Some examples are Top 10 customers, Top 5 sales employees, Average delivery variance days, Average fulfilment days of purchase orders.

Dashboard and KPI designer

In addition to the out-of-the-box content, users can rapidly create dashboards and KPIs using the pre-defined multi-dimensional semantic layers.

Interactive Analysis

Users can slice and dice their ERP data using Microsoft Excel and pivot-table based reporting tool.

Intelligent inventory forecast

This statistical inventory forecasting function uses SAP Business One data and the algorithm incorporates trends and seasonal factors.

Cash flow forecast

An interactive tool to help with real-time cash flow projections based on selection criteria like specific documents, certainty levels and timeline.