Webinar – Using Digital Signature in Business Operations

Duration – 15 Minutes

April 30, 2020

03:00 PM to 03:15 PM IST


Please join this live webinar session on the topic ‘Using Digital Signature in Business Operations’

About Webinar:

Can’t go to office to physically sign documents like e-Invoices, e-contracts, e-PO etc. in situation like lockdown, absence from office etc. without the need to print, fax, scan? Want to get away with handling and storing a myriad of paper documents, taking up well-needed space?

During this webinar, our expert(s) will discuss on the below points:

  • What is Digital Signature?

  • Why use Digital Signature?

  • How Digital Signature works?

  • Digital Signature Certificates

  • Benefits of Digital Signatures

  • Question and Answers

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    Featured speakers

    Janardan Wagh

    Head-Customer Support

    Inecom Technology Pvt. Ltd.