Wholesale Trade and Distribution

ECS Holdings Ltd

Nature of Business : Distribution of Computer Products and Peripherals

“… We were thorough in researching what new ERP system best suited us. SAP Business One had the benefit of a significant reputation. We were further comforted by Inecom, their professionalism and their ability to deliver a solution that meet our needs …”

— Chan Swee Lim, IS Director of ECS Holdings

Newry Limited

Nature of Business : Manufacturing and Distribution of Clothing Apparel

“We have a significant business operation with over 150 users accessing the system. We needed consultants who could understand and handle that level of complexity. Inecom were great, they understood what we wanted and delivered it on time and within our budget.”

— Mr. Bala, Chief Financial Officer of Newry

Safety Innovators (International) Pte Ltd

Nature of Business : Distribution of Marine Safety Equipments

“What I have been most impressed with is the support service from Inecom. When I or my staff calls with a problem, we know it will be resolved quickly.”

— Bay Yanming, Business Development Manager of Safety Innovators

Safety Innovators

SCL System Enterprise Pte Ltd

Nature of Business : Distribution of Control and Automation Components

“Inecom came highly recommended from a trusted 3rd party. It gave us some instant level of comfort. Inecom could actually demonstrate in my office, portals they had delivered for other customers with similar functionality. “

— Eric Chew, Managing Director of SCL Systems

W.Atelier Pte Ltd

Nature of Business : Distribution of sanitary, kitchen and furniture products

“SAP Business One is a fully integrated system with fairly advanced functionality. In terms of price, it is much more economical than SAP R3 or A1. So, for small to medium size businessses, I think it’s a good investment. “

— Gani Atmadiredja, Managing Director of W.Atelier

Wen Ken Marketing Pte Ltd

Nature of Business : Distribution of Pharmaceutical and Beverage Products

“There have been a number of benefits since implementing SAP, from the intangibles such as improved employee morale, to the tangibles which include better AR collection times and improved inventory turnover.”

— Fu Shou Jeen, Finance Director of Wen Ken

Baniyas Building Materials Company LLC , UAE

Nature of Business : Timber Trading / Plywood, Timber, MDF, Ceiling & Partitions, Flooring

“With SAP B1, we are able to perform micro-level data analysis. We were able to increase our inventory turnover by 5%, using a focused approach. It facilitates in making strategic decisions to support the long term objectives of BBMC.”

— Mr. Mohammad Ali, COO, Baniyas Building Materials