What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One, launched in 2003, is one of the world’s leading ERP solutions and has quickly grown from strength to strength to have over 45,000 customers worldwide, making it one of the world’s fastest growing ERP software.
Sold and implemented by over 600 accredited partners worldwide, available in 25 languages and legally and fiscally compliant in 41 countries, SAP Business One represents the present and future of the ERP software market for SMEs and large enterprise subsidiaries.

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Inecom Advanced Solutions

Advanced Distribution Solutions

Annual sales planner, SAP Business One Add-on


Annual Sales Planner is an Add-on for SAP Business One that is used to develop a Sales Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold and hence a Gross Margin plan for the company.

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Warehouse Management solution, Mobile WMS

Mobile WMS

A simple Warehouse Management solution for managing all
inventory transactions using a mobile device and bar codes.

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Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

routing & WIP

Routing & WIP

Integrated with General Ledger, tracks costs of machine, labour and subcontractor at each process, costs rejects at each process, manages sub-contractor operations, cost of reworks, etc.

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shop floor management

Shop Floor Data Collection

Captures shop floor data using bar codes in an offline mode for posting to Routing & WIP and General Ledger

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Quality Control, SAP Business One Add-on

Quality Control

Quality Control is an Add-on for SAP Business One that helps a company maintain quality information for Raw Materials, WIP & Finished Goods.

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Cloud Solutions


  SaaS CRM

A browser based subscription pricing based solution for Sales, Purchase and Service personnel to perform daily repetitive functions in SAP Business One using a low cost Indirect Access License.

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A browser based solution for travel requisitions and expense reimbursement management that is fully integrated to SAP Business One.

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  • Inecom is a one-stop solution for your ERP needs including infrastructure

  • Host your SAP Business One on a secure and private cloud at world class data center

  • Achieve a quick ROI on your IT investment by hosting your solution on a shared cloud

  • Hassle free operations at all times, no headache of constantly upgrading operating system, database, anti-virus, firewall, etc.

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