Inecom Sap Implementation Services

SAP Business One software solutions are implemented in strict accordance with Inecom’s well-defined and proven ERP systems implementation methodology, which has been approved to ISO 9000:2000 quality management standards and adapted to meet the specific rapid implementation needs and requirements of Business One system users.

Only consulting organizations which have been licensed and/ or accredited by SAP; as knowledgeable and competent to carry-out and provide assistance to end-users in the implementation of Business One solutions are permitted to do so.

During the pre-sales process these accredited organizations are required to carry-out a preliminary business requirements analysis and an assessment of product fit and suitability of the Business One solution for the potential clients’ expressed business requirements.

Additionally, any third-party applications integration needs, user-specified system  enhancements/ extensions, projected transaction volume analysis, numbers of required users, hardware systems sizing and preferred database platforms must be specified and documented prior to any contract for Business One software licenses and services.


Typically, the activities involved in each SAP Business One implementation project fall under the following headings.

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  • Full data take-on/ migration from legacy systems – i.e. all master file data e.g. GL/AR/AP opening balances, customer, product, supplier records, inventory balances/ etc.
  • Interfacing with third-party applications using standard data extract/ upload tools.
  • Back-records conversion (if required)
  • Final end-user testing
  • General hand-holding through initial operations and first period-end