The standard Inecom SAP Cover and Software Maintenance Agreement sets-out the software support arrangements with Inecom as the nominated SAP lead services provider. This service operates between 9.30 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday on normal Indian working days.


Inecom will assign a Senior Consultant as Account Manager for you. The Account Manager will be the first point of contact for you for all matters except routine Annual Maintenance & Helpdesk Services.

The Account Manager will be responsible for:

  • Maximizing the benefits to you from its relationship with SAP and Inecom

  • Ensuring that products is always appraised about the latest developments at SAP & Inecom

  • Escalating to you and Inecom management any issue that needs to be addressed on priority, e.g. preparing products, India for the new GST tax regime in close coordination with SAP & Inecom

  • Ensuring that Inecom ranks high (at least 4 on a 5 point scale) on the Customer Satisfaction Index at all surveys launched by Inecom


Our Support Contract :

  • Provides you with Unique User-ID and Password to Web-Support Ticketing System (WSTS) upon entering maintenance contract

  • Provides you with access to the latest versions of SAP Business One software

  • Provides you with a “Defect Solving Service”, i.e. in the event your SAP Business One throws up a defect, you will be able to log the support ticket on Inecom’s WSTS and Inecom Support team will fix the defect, if necessary with help from SAP Support