Forging Industry

The Forging Industry produces metal components by shaping the metal using localized compressive forces. The blows are delivered with a power hammer or a die. The metal ingot is heated in a furnace before this operation. Subsequently, once the metal has cooled down the machining operations are done to produce the final component. Sometimes the end component may also be electroplated.

The number of steps involved in the production process are multiple and some of these may be sub-contracted to specialized vendors.

The ERP solution for the Forging Industry needs a sophisticated Routing & Work-in-Progress tracking solution that measures the progress of the production order as it moves from one stage to another. It is vital that the software captures the costs incurred at each stage of the manufacturing process so that the management is aware of the total cost of the production order. Inecom’s Routing & WIP Tracking module from the Advanced Manufacturing Solution for SAP Business One is the perfect answer for this requirement.

This module defines the various steps involved in the production process and captures costs at each stage for the machine, labour or sub-contract if that stage is sub-contracted.

Working in cast iron foundry

Quality is critical in the Forging Industry as often the components produced have highly precise dimensions and finish. Inecom’s Quality Control module from the Advanced Manufacturing Solution for SAP Business One is the right solution to track and monitor the quality parameters of the product.

The Forging Industry also needs a Production Scheduling solution to optimize its production resources and to make informed decisions on delivery times that can be committed to customers. Inecom’s Production Scheduling module from the Advanced Manufacturing Solution for SAP Business One is apt for such requirements. The Production Scheduling module integrates with Inecom’s Routing & WIP module and does a backward scheduling to line resources for production. Overloads are highlighted for the Production Manager to address by increasing resources or sub-contracting part operations or change delivery date or change quantities.

Inecom Routing WIP Datasheet

Inecom Production Scheduling Datasheet

Inecom Quality Control Datasheet

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