Advanced Distribution Solutions

ASP (Annual Sales Planner) :-

Annual Sales Planner is an Add-on for SAP Business One that is used to develop a Sales Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold and hence a Gross Margin plan for the company. The Sales Revenue plan is built bottom up from either Product Categories or Geographies.

ASP tracks the performance of the company by measuring actuals versus budgets by generating a report that compares for each Geography by each Product Category:

  • Plan and Actual for the month; quantity, value and variance

  • Plan and Actual for Year to Date; quantity, value and variance

  • Actual for Last Year to Date and This Year to Date; quantity, value and variance

Mobile WMS :- 

A simple Warehouse Management solution for managing all inventory transactions using a mobile device and bar codes. Overview of Features:

  • Improve customer service.

  • Keep optimum inventory levels.

  • Process sales orders and deliveries speedily.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Routing & WIP :-

The Routing and Work-in-progress module records the status of the production processes and keeps track of quantity completed and rejected; WIP and finished goods costs; as well as resource utilization. Overview of Features:

  • Maintain Factory Patterns by defining the working and non-working days for the production shifts.

  • Maintain Resource Downtime for Machines and Labour.

Shop Floor Data Collection :-

The Shop Floor Data Collection module automates the collection of Work-in-progress data from the production shop floor. The screens are designed with user-friendly interface, large fonts and with minimal key strokes. Overview of Features:

  • Integrates with Routing & Work-in-progress module.

  • Automates the data collection of WIP data with the help of bar-code devices.

Quality Control :-

Quality Control is an Add-on for SAP Business One that helps a company maintain quality information for Raw Materials, WIP and Finished Goods. The solution has been designed for process manufacturing companies e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Food & Chemicals. Overview of Features:

  • Define quality standards for:

    • Raw Material Quality Control
    • WIP Quality Control
    • Finished Goods Quality Control
  • Maintain multiple versions of quality standards

Web Portals

Customer Portal :-

Inecom’s Customer Portal is a secure self-service gateway that enables numerous authorised entities from the customer organisation to have access to relevant data and interact with their account information.

  • Integration with SAP Business One on SAP HANA in real-time

  • Build your Brand Image

  • Moderate your Expenditure

  • Improve Communication & Satisfaction

Vendor Portal :-

Inecom’s Vendor Portal, linked to SAP Business One on HANA, empowers vendors with a 24×7 secure access to the data relevant to them in real-time on any web-based browser on the mobile, tablet, i-phone or laptop.

  • Real-Time Integration with SAP Business One on SAP HANA

  • Interactive User Design

  • Pre-Built Dashboards

Subcontractor Portal :-

Inecom’s Subcontractor Portal empowers subcontractors with access to their account information, view Subcontracting Purchase order for the process/service, Returnable Delivery Challan, customizable reports like Delivery Challan Report, and Return Status Reports on any web-based browser on the mobile, tablet, iphone, or laptop. This portal is integrated with SAP Business One on HANA.

  • Interactive User Design

  • Pre-built Dashboards

  • Customizable Reports