Success Stories
Manufacturing Industry

Banshing Group

Nature of Business : Contract Manufacturing

“…One of the most pleasing aspects of the implementation was that Inecom delivered the solution faster than promised and under budget. Not just in Singapore but also in our Malaysian operation…”

Cellpack BBC Malaysia

Nature of Business : Manufacturing of Cable Accessories System
“…Head Office and ourselves decided against SAP R3, as we are a small subsidiary with less complex requirements. SAP Business One was the least expensive option but it was also the most suitable solution for our needs…”

Rohag Singapore Pte Ltd

Nature of Business : Precision Engineering for Oil and Gas Industry

“…Our customers want a better product, higher quality, better service but at the same price. SAP Business One is helping us to meet those expectations…”

S. H. Pitkar Orthotools Pvt. Ltd

Nature of Business : Manufacturing of Orthopedic Implants, Instruments and Appliances

“Our main product is orthopedic implants – something which goes into the human body. So every single piece simply has to be perfectly manufactured and should conform to the highest quality standards. Traceability of each and every product is of utmost importance. SAP Business One has helped us to achieve this.”

Weike Gaming Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Nature of Business : Manufacturing of Gaming Machines

“In terms of KPIs, our efficiency and productivity has improved by 30%. FY2012 sales for the period ending 31 March 2012 is forecasted to grow by more than 50% from FY2011. We are confident this is achievable and will continue to increase over the years.”