SAP Business One on HANA

Improve productivity with SAP Business One on HANA, ERP & CRM software for Manufacturing companies

Inecom’s solutions developed on SAP Business One on HANA is a comprehensive business management solution for Manufacturing companies

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    Why SAP Business One?

    SAP Business One is one of the world’s leading SAP’s ERP and CRM solution. It has quickly grown from strength to strength and making it one of the world’s fastest growing ERP software for SMEs

    SAP Business One ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

    Monitor and Evaluate

    • Track, measure and monitor your entire business
    • Reduce costs and streamline processes while you grow revenue and increase profits
    • GST ready ERP capable of adopting tax regime and compliance management
    • Real-time platform for better visibility of business operations
    • On-premise & On-cloud deployment

    Inecom Add-ons

    • Routing & work-in-progress tracking
    • Shop floor data collection using bar code and HHT
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
    • Business Intelligence on production data
    • Quality control
    • Production scheduling

    Why Inecom?

    Inecom is a leading SAP Business One ERP partner in India, Dubai & Singapore providing one-stop solution for ERP with more than 20 years of experience in ERP implementation. Specialized in handling large and complex manufacturing implementation, our team of dedicated experts ensures that the system is deployed in such a way that it delivers critical requirements of your business and improves productivity.

    Our Elite Clients

    SAP Business One, One-stop solution for your ERP needs. Call us on +91 89282 53888

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