What CEOs and CFOs should know about Digital Transformation? And how to unleash the power of SAP Business on HANA ERP Capabilities?

Starting a business from scratch is inherently risky, especially when you lack resources, a financial safety net and business experience. But, recently there have been many changes happening in the market. Most organizations worldwide are working out on how to leverage mobile, AI, analytics and the Cloud to improve customer service, increase profitability and shorten time to market which is often termed as Digital Transformation.

Today, digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, be it small or large. And, leading a digital transformation is a natural progression for many CEOs and CFOs. Over the last decade, the responsibilities of their role have expanded beyond traditional finance and accounting sight into areas requiring the skills of a strategist. Thus, CFOs need to think strategically about how they can sky rocket their company and work closely with other departments to ensure everyone is aligned.

According to one survey, 76% of respondents cite leveraging new technology or improving processes as top ways organizations can change so that the other functions can help execute corporate strategy. Automation and cloud computing are considered as the top most emerging technologies right now followed by Internet of Things [IoT] and Machine learning [ML]. Often CFOs must protect their business models, but use of new technologies correlates finance success and high performance of a company, thus being an early adopter could benefit CFOs.

How Business analytics helps in aligning your business with new technologies:

Business Analytics has 4 levels:

SAP Business One on HANA analyzes data in real time and has in-built sophisticated forecasting algorithms to predict what will happen in the future.

Power of SAP Business on HANA:

SAP Business One HANA is a perfect example of revolution in business technology with the most modern of platforms on the market. It is has an in-memory database platform at its core which uses innovative techniques to store particularly large amount of data.

SAP Business One Version for HANA delivers:

  1. Solution integration: Through each stage of sale process, it seamlessly navigates without duplication of data.

  2. Scalability: Your entire business will run on a single solution which will help in scaling as you grow.

  3. Meet KPIs: It can help you to drive measurable performance gains in most of your businesses process.

  4. Real-Time reporting mode: Analytics is used to get up-to-the second information on purchasing habits and more with insightful, interactive reports in seconds.

  5. Cost Efficiency: By eliminating lengthy data preparation, pre-aggregation, or tuning tasks required by traditional reporting and analytics tools, it helps to lower your cost of ownership by enabling your IT department to be more efficient. Hence, it is priced specifically for small-midsize business.

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